AA Insurance

Front-end Development & Website Optimisation

AA Insurance is one of the biggest insurance providers in New Zealand. The team I was working with was responsible for their website and ongoing experience optimisation.

Continuous website improvement was something I never got to do for the previous projects and it was quite different from the usual website development process. Theories on how the conversion rate could be increased were proposed, selected, and tested. The test results were sometimes surprising, proving that what feels right might sometimes be wrong, and that small changes can lead to significant improvements.

The theories and test results were backed-up by analytics data and results from multi-variate tests (A/B). The team used Optimizely for the multi-variate tests and some of the quirks of Optimizely's platform, in conjunction with the website architecture of AA Insurance, became obvious pretty soon.

Both structural changes and content changes were tested, as well as temporary campaigns, so the outcomes could be applied to future campaigns. It was very satisfying having theories tested and seeing an increase in the conversion rate.

Using DAN's collaborative design process where multidisciplinary teams work together provided a very interesting insight into a different way of running projects.

DAN for AA Insurance in 2014