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Website Build & Umbraco Integration

Greaves India is a travel agency that provides luxury tailor-made holidays to its customers. I was involved in this project during the build, test and launch stages, being responsible for most of the front-end and back-end development of the project.

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FRS London for Greaves India in 2012


Greaves was built using valid HTML5 and CSS3; I found quite interesting the discussions around the HTML outline algorithm and spent some time ensuring that the structure was semantically correct. The CMS choice was Umbraco, a highly customizable CMS and the perfect choice for a 400+ page website.

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The website also includes a customized interactive map built using the Google Maps API; I quite enjoyed working with it as I was not aware of how powerful and highly customizable the API has become since the last time I used it. The map and the project required a fair amount of custom JavaScript and it made me take my first steps into object-oriented JS.

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The scripts and stylesheets were minified and compressed using Client Dependency, since performance and loading times were one of my major concerns.

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