Inflight Entertainment

User Interface Design & Prototyping

Inflight Entertainment is a bespoke personal entertainment system. I was enlisted to help the design team with the design of the user interface. The project involved designing the In-flight Entertainment System – the interface used by the passengers – and the Cabin Management System – the interface used by the crew to control the cabin.

This was a complex and long project, involving the creation of a multitude of screens – music selection, video players, lighting controls, just to name a (very) few – for different devices and screens such as iPads, touch screens and handheld devices. The flow and functionality of specific screens were provided in technical documents that had to be deciphered and translated from words and diagrams to final artwork. Different types of hardware and their limitations – for example, different color depths – had also had to be taken into consideration.

As part of the user interface design process I created an HTML5 iPad prototype of the Inflight Entertainment System, that was used to demo its functionality and served as a reference for the developers in terms of transitions and visual feedback.

DesignWorks in 2013/2014