Savings Advice

Business Analysis, UX & Website Design

Savings Advice was one of the most complex projects I've worked on, especially with regard to business analysis and UX. The idea behind the project was simplifying the investment process, making it available and easy to understand to the average person. The analysis process took several weeks, in which I had to research and understand the financial jargon and translate it into "normal language". The analysis process ended up with extensive documentation, defining the possible user flows, the website structure and a complex set of wireframes specifying the content of each page.

Alpine Interactive in 2011

Example wireframe
Shopping Cart and Checkout flow diagram
About page

Our team was working with an external agency who was responsible for the branding of the project and general art direction. I was responsible for adapting their guidelines to the web side of the project and also provide consultancy on the digital side of things.

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Interviews page
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