Digital product design & Front-end development

I'm a reliable, pragmatic person with a proven track record of taking on complex projects and moving them forward. I take pride in strategising and crafting cohesive solutions and strive to deliver high quality, long lasting results.

What I do

I'm a career contract UX/UI designer with sharp development skills who's contracted for some of the best design agencies and software development companies in Auckland and Christchurch. I'm fortunate to have worked on a multitude of projects with a wide range of talented people  from designing and building brochure websites to shaping complex mobile and desktop applications from the ground up.

Adding value

I'm not afraid of tackling complex, highly-technical projects, where creating relationships with stakeholders, developers and managers is a must. I'll quickly become a part of your team and help drive projects forward.

While I appreciate good looking digital products, I believe it's more important to take an holistic approach to the design process, and have a firm understanding of the why, what, how and for who of the product being created.

Being able to work as both designer and developer means that the final product functions as good as it looks. When working on software products, I'm an advocate of using interactive, high-fidelity prototypes, as these are one of the best ways to test assumptions and reduce risk.

Future collaborations

I'm keen to work with companies that need a cross-disciplinary designer who is involved throughout their product lifecycle.

I have a particular interest in helping organisations that want to blend environmental conservation and technology to achieve their goals Additionally, if you're interested in communicating science findings in more accessible way, please get in touch.

What you can expect from me

  • A business perspective
  • An understanding of the users' needs
  • Awareness of implementation requirements
  • Good communication
  • A team player who's able to self manage
  • Quick learning
  • A quirky sense of humour
  • Straight talk: no bull

What I will deliver

  • Requirements (when they are not fully formed)
  • Data analysis
  • Low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Process and documentation
  • Style guides (design and implementation)
  • Front-end chops
  • Clarification and simplification

Industries of specialisation

Data warehousing / GIS / Conservation / Technology / Bioacoustics

Keen to work together?